Cycle Rickshaw On THG Promo Shoot

Cycle Rickshaw

The cycle rickshaw has been out at Wigan Athletics Stadium this week with the THG crew. They needed to track with a runner  around the track for their latest sports campaign promo. The camera op. shot hand held with an Alexa Mini LF as they were chased by the athlete.

Feature Film “Gold” shoots with rickshaw

Standard Rickshaw
The crew of feature film “Gold” have been shooting with the rickshaw in Leeds and Bradford this week.

Bobby Moore drama shoot

I have recently been shooting Steadicam on ITV’s new drama series “Tina & Bobby” chronicling the life of England and West Ham football legend Bobby Moore and his childhood sweetheart Tina Dean.

“Back” with Mitchell and Webb

Recently completed Steadicam work on new comedy “Back” featuring David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

Rickshaw Snow Chase

Just completed Steadicam work on a new feature film adaptation of “Heidi” starring Bill Nighy and Emilia Fox. In order to film a fast paced snow chase, the step on/off rickshaw was configured for two wheel mode with the rig hard mounted and under slung.

BIFA Films shoot feature film in Bradford

I am currently shooting Steadicam on feature film “Lies we Tell” for Dop Santosh Sivan and Director Mitu Misra. Produced by Andy McDermott and Danny Gulliver for BIFA Films, the movie is set within the Pakistani community in Bradford and stars Harvey Kietel and Gabriel Byrne.

The step on rickshaw was used for a long tracking sequence during a big wedding scene along with several drones and a Technocrane.





European Games – Baku 2015

Just returned from covering the first European Games staged in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Shooting with the Amira on Holby

Recently completed a Steadicam shoot for BBC’s “Holby City” using the Arri Amira for the first time. Great camera but surprisingly as heavy as the Alexa.


On Location for Doctor Who series 9

I have been operating Steadicam on series 9 of Dr Who for Dop. Mark Waters and Director Daniel Nettheim. During the shoot the step on/off rickshaw was used extensively for some very long and challenging tracking shots.

Step On/Off Rickshaw

“Surprise Surprise” shoot with Cycle Rickshaw

Bike mount rickshaw

The crew from ITV’s “Surprise Surprise” have been shooting with the standard rickshaw and cycle mount. They needed to track a cyclist around the footpaths of Crawley Country Park. The Director and Cameraman both rode aboard, shooting with a hand held gymbal.