Rickshaws For Sale

Steadicam supremo Roger Tooley has recently purchased a Step On /Step Off Rickshaw from me after hiring my original model for BBC drama series “Good Cop”. Roger, impressed with its light weight modular design and ease of use, asked me to build one for him. With the option of Balloon Tyres and switchable axle widths, it presented a couple of interesting challenges but Roger was very happy with the finished product. I have also completed another Step On/Off Rickshaw for Newton Grip Sevices who were very impressed after hiring  from me.

I am happy to offer this sevice to anyone else who would be interested in purchasing their own Rickshaw. It certainly is a very versatile piece of kit to have around and can be quickly dismantled for storage in the smallest of spaces. Please check out the Rickshaw page for more information.

Rickshaw on “Good Cop”

The team at BBC drama “Good Cop” have hired the step on /step off Rickshaw for their Liverpool based shoot.
Steadicam operator Roger Tooley says ” I think the Rickshaw is fantastic. With relative ease I did a great step off for an important stunt scene. Great stuff !”