Black Arm On Cycle Rickshaw

Cycle Rickshaw with Black Arm And Ronin

Bike Rickshaw

The cycle rickshaw has been up in Edinburgh this week with the crew from Aerial Frontiers. A Black Arm and Ronin gimbal were hard mounted on the front in order to track around the city with a cyclist for a governmental campaign shoot. 


Cycle Rickshaw In The Peak District.

The cycle rickshaw has been out in the Peak District with the crew from THG.
They needed to track along country lanes with a cyclist for their latest sports promo.

Cycle Rickshaw On Shell Promo

Bike Rickshaw

The cycle rickshaw has been down to London this week with the crew from Papaya Films.
They needed to track with a cyclist through Tooting park for their latest promo for Shell.
They shot from the rickshaw with a Ronin gimbal as they cycled along.


Cycle Rickshaw On THG Promo Shoot


Bike Rickshaw

The crew from THG have been filming with the cycle rickshaw in Manchester this week.
For their latest sports promo, they needed to track with runners around various locations in Castlefield. They shot with a Movi rig from the back of the rickshaw.

Cycle Rickshaw On Gymshark Promo

The crew from Gymshark had the cycle rickshaw out at Bury Athletics Ground last week.
They needed to film an athlete sprinting around the track for their latest sportswear promo. A handheld gimbal was used off the side of the rickshaw as it cycled along with the runner.

Jogging In Barcelona

Here’s Steadicam op. Ramon Sanchez shooting with the step on rickshaw¬†at the beach in Barcelona.